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The A to Zof carpet

A - Anti-soil treatment

When shopping for new carpet, do ensure it has soil resistant technology to prevent the build-up of dry-soil that can get tracked in from outside. This will help to ensure your carpet will stay looking newer for longer. 

B - Bedroom

Neutral carpeting in the bedroom makes way for easy refreshes with linen, curtains and furniture. The walls are much easier to change compared to the colour of the carpet!

C- Cut pile twist

This carpet style uses yarn twisted in varied upward directions, giving a more textured look than Cut and Loop. Read up on our styles here.


D - Density

Density refers to how tightly the carpet yarns are packed. Top tip: the harder it is to push your fingers into the carpet, the tighter it is packed. Dense carpet is great for high traffic areas.

E - Ever so soft

With STAINMASTER® EverSoft® carpet, we’ve engineered carpet fibres to create a product that’s even more soft and luxurious.

F - Fibre

Choose the fibre underfoot carefully. Come armed to store with information about who uses the room, the impact of light, your furniture and desired colour palette to help your local retailer tailor a carpet decision to your needs.Or try our carpet selector tool.

G - Get out there

Building the house of your dreams or renovating means choosing the right carpet underfoot. Use our store locator to find your local STAINMASTER® retailer and let these carpet professionals point you in the right direction.

H - Height

Carpet can be short and flat or long and shaggy. You may need to consider the underlay height and your preferred look when selecting carpet for your home.

I - Insulation

Choosing a quality carpet underlay is vital for thermal insulation, noise reduction (for upstairs areas), comfort and carpet durability. Read more about the science behind carpet underlay here.


girl on carpet

J - Jumping on jelly

Who can forget great Aussie artist Pro Hart making a dragonfly shaped mess of jelly, sauce and spaghetti on STAINMASTER® carpet for art’s sake. Watch here.

K - Kids rooms

Modern and easy to clean, STAINMASTER® carpet technology gives you peace of mind about shoe marks, playtime and accidents. Tip: textured cut pile twist (frieze) or loop piles help to conceal footprints. Children’s rooms are the perfect place to experiment with bold coloured carpeting – think navy or vibrant blues– to inspire creativity. Or go neutral and pair with bold décor!

loop pile craft

L - Level loop Pile

Tufted yarns form loops of the same height which are great to prevent tracking and crushing. A combination of level loop pile and cut and loop pile creates gorgeous linear patterns, great for creating an illusion of more space.

M - Metres squared

Length x Width = M2. It’s a useful skill to calculate when re-flooring and buying or selling your abode. If your room is irregular, measure your space into even squares and add them up. Always get a little more than required. Use our calculator here

N - Nylon

It’s not only soft to touch, and available in stunning colours, but premium nylon is also durable. Premium nylon fibres are the STAINMASTER® carpet secret for resilience and ease of cleaning. 

O - Open house

A carpet that shows wear and soiling will garner a lower resale value if you’re ever in the market to sell your home. Invest, invest, invest.

P - Pile

This is the length of a carpet's individual fibres and determines whether it has a tall pile, like shag carpet, or a short and flat pile.

Q - Quiz

Take it here to find the perfect carpet for your home and lifestyle. 

R - Resilient

Does your carpet recover its appearance after continued use? If not, it might be time to invest in STAINMASTER® carpet.

S  - Steam clean

A professional clean of your STAINMASTER® carpet is recommended every 18 months in conjunction with regular vacuuming to extend the life of the carpet. We do not recommend dry cleaning.

T - Texture

Textured carpet can add warmth and depth in a room by adding an extra layer of interest and warmth. Check out Woodgrain in the STAINMASTER® SolarMax® carpet range for a stunning textured look.

R0365 Woodgrain Ashwood

U - Urine

This pesky stain can be removed by blotting (from the outside, in). Then, use a cleaning solution of ¼ tsp mild liquid dish soap + 1 cup warm water. Be sure to spot test first!

V - Vinegar

This is a great solution to remove common household nasties like dirt or wine. Simply mix 2 tbs white vinegar with 4 cups warm water.

W - Walls

Depending on the size of your room and the look you are trying to achieve you can have walls that contrast with your carpet – e.g, dark carpet and white walls OR pale carpet and dark walls. Both options create a sophisticated and elegant look. Or you can match your light carpet with light walls for a bright, airy feel. Or try darker carpet with dark walls for a feeling of cosy mystique.

light carpt
X marks the spot

Pesky spots and stains (of wax, wine or waffles) are easy to clean  with STAINMASTER® carpet. See our stain removal guide for complete steps.

Y - Yarn Ply

Similar to cotton and tissues, this is the number of single fibres twisted together to form a plied yarn. The higher the yarn ply, the stronger it is.

Z - Zap!

You don’t need to get that little jolt of static electricity from shuffling your feet along the carpet. STAINMASTER® carpet contains special carbon-core fibres that control static for the life of the carpet, meaning you don’t need to put up with those little ‘shocks’. 

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