Last Minute Slumber Party Games


Oh dear. It’s dark outside. The kids have all been fed. Twice. The movie was too scary for some and not scary enough for others, and it’s only 8 p.m. Yep. You’ve hit slumber party slump. But don’t pick yourself up off the floor just yet. You’re actually lying on the solution.

That soft, comfy, carpeted floor is your slumber party co-captain. So get the kids. All you need for these last-minute slumber party games is the floor and a few simple materials. (You can get up now).

Musical sleeping bags

Music player
Sleeping bags

Imagine musical chairs—but for your slumber party, with sleeping bags. Gather all the kids’ sleeping bags, minus one, and arrange them in a circle. Point the “feet” of the sleeping bags in so they make one big sunflower shape.

Cue the music. Everyone walks in a circle around the bags, and when the music stops, everybody tries to hop into a bag. The one who doesn’t get in steps out and gets to press play and stop on the music for the next round. Remove one bag, and start again. Repeat until the last player is standing. Or sleeping.

Sleeping-bag sack races

1 sleeping bag per racer

Remember potato sack races? Sleeping-bag sack races are basically the same idea, different sack. Clear plenty of floor space in a room with soft carpet. Mark a starting line and finish line with rope, stuffed animals, or anything similar you have handy. Pick two players, standing upright in their sleeping bags, and put them at the starting line.

Say, “Ready, set, go!” to start the race. The first person to hop to the finish line wins. For a different spin on the race, tell the players to lie on the ground in their sleeping bags—bellies down—and race each other like worms for the win.

Face the biscuit

Your face
A camera—This is going to be hilarious

For this game, all you have to do is eat a biscuit. Easy, right? There are just two catches: You can’t touch the biscuit with your hands, and the biscuit can’t touch the floor.

Place one biscuit each on the foreheads of two players at the same time. On the count of three, each player can begin moving the biscuit down from their forehead to their mouth. The first one to eat the biscuit without using their hands or dropping it on the floor wins.

You’ll eventually catch up on sleep after the slumber party. But the memories? They last forever.

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