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Adding value to your property when renovating. 6 tips to ensure success


Renovating your home is a big undertaking – and getting it right quite a challenge. We’ve pulled together our top six tips for renovating in a way which adds value to your property and keeps you sane. 


First things first, setting yourself a budget is a must. We all like to indulge every now and again on lavish things from fancy new curtains to Egyptian cotton bedding. However, if you want to make the most of your investment you need to understand your audience. Consider whether you are renovating to sell or renovating to rent. Agree the likes and dislikes of your target audience, for example those with young families?

Making sure you tailor your renovation to your audience wants and needs is essential to success. Think seriously about this before you start. Make sure you discuss what you can realistically afford and look at how you can stick within this but still add some attractive little touches.


Colour can make all the difference

Colour, colour everywhere, but when can it be too much? A fresh lick of paint can brighten up the house and is a cheap and effective way of adding instant value to your home. Not all colours are created equal, however. While a little colour can have a huge impact, you need to balance this out with neutral colours. And remember darker colours make rooms looks smaller. Brighter colours open rooms up.

'Your home should be your sanctuary – if it's not, it needs some rehab’ - Art Hochberg 

Never has a truer statement been said. People want their homes to be a quiet place - their sanctuary away from busy lives. Making sure that your property captures this desire is a real value add. This goes as much for the outside as the inside of your house. Buyers and renters want to see a nice looking exterior. We all love nothing more than sitting outdoors in the sun, particularly around a table with the smell of BBQ wafting through the air. Make sure your garden, if you have one, is not only presentable but also has a nice table and chairs to really bring it to life.

In style this season?

According to this season’s style is all about cork walls, green accents (Pantone’s colour of the year is ‘Greenery’) and upholstered bedheads. We obviously wouldn’t recommend using all this in one room. But it wouldn’t hurt to create a stylish interior to help show off your property and create that added ‘pop’ factor. This year’s outs to steer clear of are copper and quote artworks. Open plan living is also out with more cosy style spaces taking its place.

Try to see how you can create alcoves or more rooms if you have a bigger budget.


Upholstered bedhea

Winter warmers

As we come into the autumn season we know far too well how cold it can get. What better way to fight the cold than by showing how warm and comfortable your bedrooms are? A nice soft carpet can really help to make those cold mornings more bearable. Everyone knows, however, that accidents can happen and this can put people off carpet, especially if they have young children. STAINMASTER® carpet is food and drink stain-resistant meaning that these kind of accidents are easily dealt with.

Safety first

Minimalism should be considered when putting your property on the market. Having a house that is childproof is nearly impossible. Many young parents will, though, be looking with their risk hats on, and that rickety balustrade on the deck could be considered a hazard and lose you the sale you are after. People want to see themselves living in the space, so do your research.

Just remember the golden rules: don’t take on more than you can handle, keep it simple and stick within your budget 

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