5 things you need to knowbefore installing carpet

Looking to carpet your home but not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered with 5 tips you need to know before you start installing.


1.  Do you know what goes underneath carpet?

STAINMASTER® carpet underlay features a unique breathable moisture barrier which helps to keep household spills from soaking in and penetrating your underlay let alone subfloor. Mopped up by either spot cleaning with a cloth or using a wet and dry vacuum is often the easiest solution. Our carpet underlay allows extra time to ensure cleaning is thorough and dries in a way which prevents mildew. What’s more? The STAINMASTER® carpet underlay system even serves as a barrier to help reduce noise

2.  Consider natural light.

Chances are, you’ll be carpeting at least one room that has plenty of natural light. Save yourself some money down the track and invest in STAINMASTER® SolarMax® carpet. It stays vibrant in brightly lit rooms with big windows and resisting fading - even withstanding intense Aussie UV rays.  Light carpet may look a few shades darker in a room without much lighting than it does in a brightly lit store. The retail environment has different lighting and furniture to your home, so try desired swatches against your space to decide which style is the right fit.

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3.  Our carpet recommendation changes depending on the space.

We recommend darker hues for kid-friendly areas like playrooms and lighter hues for adult only areas. A densely packed, short to medium pile carpet is perfect for revving toy cards across and ensures particles are easy vacuumed. The very comfy range STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN carpet is specially engineered fibres give it an incredibly soft and luxurious feel, without compromising on the durability.

4.  High traffic areas call for heavy duty carpet.

This is especially true of landing areas and passage ways. The greater the density of your carpet, the better it will wear. When shopping, push your fingers into the carpet. The harder it is, the higher the density. Alternatively, when bending a sample, is it easy to see the backing? If so, the density is lower.

For maximum durability, try our level loop pile, multi-level loop & cut pile hard twist styles. Hint: filter our ranges by style, thickness and height to achieve a beautiful finished and functional floor. We also recommend lighter carpet for smaller rooms to create the illusion of space.

5.  Measure twice cut once!

Reducing wastage (and paying less) results from knowing the correct size of your room. Approximate the square m of each room for an accurate quote. Our carpet calculator helps estimate even those odd shaped areas.

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Our retailers of STAINMASTER® carpet provide a tailored service so you can select the perfect carpet for your home and lifestyle for years to come. As carpet isn’t a straight-off-the-shelf purchase, their professionals can assist you with selection, planning, and installation. Get started with our carpet quiz and then visit a retailer to collect your samples. Your best flooring yet, awaits!

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